UPDATE: Unexpected audio tech problems – so frustrating! I’ve been trying fixes since 5 am. Handing it off to someone who has more expertise and assures me all will be well. Hoping to have the interview up tomorrow morning 3/2/2017

Hi Folks!

Coming up tomorrow at the Liberation Collective:


An interview with the most fabulous Kelly Diels!

We talk empowerment, the trap of the Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand (FLEB), liberation and possibility.

Currently on the blog my time with Alexis Petrin on the fast, furious and raw Beyond the Bullshit

“The individualist, post-feminist empowerment being preached, reinforced and sold in most online women’s spaces isn’t empowerment at all.

It isn’t substantive, feminist, intersectional, collective or just.

When we come together, revoke our consent, make new things happen and create justice and new opportunities for more people: that’s empowerment.” – Kelly Diels


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