I am an Intersectional Feminist.

I am deeply committed to doing the work of listening and understanding those whose identities differ from mine. In addition to my training, I bring to this work my experiences as a woman, of spending most of my life in poverty, raising children alone, homelessness, domestic violence, sexual abuse, recovery from addiction, being fat in a culture obsessed with thinness, and keeping my sexuality and gender identity secret until coming out as Gender Queer and Pansexual. What I’ve been through won’t be exactly like your experience – I share my story so you know that I’ve faced, and continue to face, the challenges of living in an oppressive culture. You are not alone.

I welcome folks across race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality, ability, body-type, health status – all the forms that make up the human spectrum. I understand that your identity, or intersection of identities, influence your experience in the dominant culture and determine the oppressive or privileged messages it has for you.